Saturday, January 16, 2010

The Selected ORM and Isolation Framework

A while ago I posted two little polls about the favorited isolation framework, and ORM. The results of the two posts were as follows

Which ORM?
1- NHibernate 49%(44 votes)
2- LLBLGEN 34%(31 votes)
3- Entity Framework 6%(6 votes)
4- LINQ to SQL 6%(6 votes)
5- Subsonice 2%(2 votes)

Which Isolation Framework?
1- Typemock Isolator 50%(10 votes)
2- Moq 45%(9 votes)
3- NMock2 5%(1 votes)
4- RhinoMocks 0%(0 votes)
5- Stubs 0%(0 votes)

For myself I voted for NHibernate and Moq. I know all of those tools are purely awesome, though.

So, dear reader, do you have any other suggestions for an ORM or an Isolation Framework?


Mohamed Meligy said...

You know what? Looking at Hanselman's list:
it surprises me Linq To Sql takes a different place in this list.

Also NHibernate and LLBLGen PRo are getting more attention than I expected. It's nice if LLBLGen is getting more popular, it's my most successfully used data access tool in previous projects.

Galilyou said...

@Meligy, Glad to see you here dude.
Hansleman's poll is probably more accurate than this one as the voters number is much bigger (over 6k persons). However, I really think that NHibernate users are increasing daily. For LINQ to SQL, I think everybody is going EF nowadays (or trying at least).