Tuesday, December 29, 2009

What Can You Learn From Us? What Can We Learn From You?

Today I got a very interesting question from one of my Twitter friends splattne. The question was:

Here's how I answered the question:

Wow, that's a big one!
I really like your question, Stefan. This kind of constructive thinking is one of the most important methods we can use to avoid conflicts (which might eventually develop wars, and bad stuff).
I will start by what I think that we can learn from you: 

1- Hardwork:

 yes, we're lazy people. Even for the poorer countries (like mine) people are satisfied by working less and gaining less (less than enough). 

2- Democracy:

 I'm not gonna through a discussion with this because it's very obvious for everyone that democracy in our countries is just a shallow word. I mean, come on, every president is preparing for his son to take his place nowadays. This is happening in Egypt, Libya, Tunisia, and many others. 

3- How to learn and teach: 

Education systems in most (if not all) of the Arabic countries are ridiculously inefficient. Chemistry students here enters the chemistry lab one or two times for the whole semester. 

What can you learn from us: 

1- Socializing:

Around here the social relationships are much much better that there in US and Europe. 

2- Conviction:

 Though poor is everywhere, we are not so obsessive with money! A little can satisfy us. 

3- Harmony: 

Different races live together with harmony and love. I've never heard (in an Arabic community) that some one shot another because of his skin color.

At the end, the thing that can really teach you a lot is the Arabic History. We are a bunch of shallow nations nowadays, our influence on the outer environment is very weak, but once we were a real example of a united, well educated, merciful, and highly organized nation.
Thank you again for asking this question Stefan, and I really hope if my answer helps.

What do you think dear reader? What else can we learn from the Europeans/Americans (the good things)? And what can they learn from us(only the good things)?


Anonymous said...

Great answer, thank you!

Galilyou said...

No, thank you for asking this question. Really enjoyed it.