Thursday, December 10, 2009

Pretty Neat Extensions For Google Chrome

Today I took a quick whirl to look at some of the avilable extensions for Google Chrome.  And here are some of those that I find interesting:

  1. Wave Notifier : As the name implies it's a notification plugin for Google Wave. Wave Notifier let's you know if you have any new waves or replies and display a counting number holding the number of the new waves. You don't have to keep your wave page open and switch to it every minute or so to see if you get a new wave, or if x of your friends replied to a wave you sent to them. 
  2. Xmarks Bookmark Sync: A bookmarks plugin that synchronizes your bookmarks to Xmarks. You just login using your Xmarks account (or register if you don't already have one) and then you can click the Xmarks button and then click Sync Now.
  3. Google Translate: Translate any web page using Google Translator just for one click. 
  4. Blog This: This is actually a cool one --still overwhelmingly buggy though. It lets you post to your blogger blog from any webpage. 
  5. Google Mail Checker: A notification for Gmail that let's you know whenever you get new emails.
  6. Google Reader Notifier: Notifies you with your new Google Reader items.
  7. Google Calendar Notifier: Same as the two above, it notifies you with your calendar events.
  8. Doc Viewer: Automatically views PDF/PPT documents using Google Docs Viewer.
  9. IE Tab: Yes, it's an Internet Explorer tab inside Google Chrome! 
  10. Speed Tracer: This one is actually the rock star of all of these extensions (at least  for me). You enable it, and then it goes and analyze the processing of a web page that you are requesting. It displays very useful graphs and charts that are extremely helpful for you as a developer to inspect and discover areas of improvements in your web site. More on the very thing later, stay tuned!
Those were some of the many extensions available now for Google Chrome. Go ahead and take a look at the official extensions page from Google here.

Those were some of what I liked, what do you like dear reader?

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